The industrial wedding trend has been around for a few years now, but is still up and coming, with demand rising for a venue with this unique look. Converted warehouses and industrial buildings are at the forefront of most Pinterest boards, but can you really imagine yourself getting married in one?

Here at New Craven Hall, much like the trend itself, we are still coming to full fruition. In the short time we’ve been around we have held a whole host of weddings, private and corporate events, for those with an eye to create something their guests have never seen before. Our venue has gone from strength to strength and we are confident that the trend is here to stay.

What to expect from a industrial wedding venue…

With its blank canvas events space, exposed brick walls, tall ceilings and large beams, our venue is one of a kind, unique in its own way with a team behind it working endlessly to make sure it’s the best it can be.

Unlike your more traditional venues, New Craven Hall and many others like it are run by people just like you and me. They are involved in every aspect, from your first enquiry, to running your event and directing the business itself. You are guaranteed a much more down to earth and personal service from an independently run venue.

You will also find you have a lot more flexibility to make the space your own. Industrial venues don’t churn out weddings, with every one using the same chair covers, bows and centre pieces; this is all down to you, allowing you to put your own stamp on the venue, which we love!

New Craven Hall is an industrial, urban luxe events space. We created our venue to look aesthetically pleasing, even when empty. You will find with us there is still a welcoming atmosphere, with our abundance of twinkly fairy lights, warm lighting, soft furnishings and candles. You are then free to do as much or as little as you would like to add to what’s already here.

Keeping an open mind…

When stepping into New Craven Hall you will be in awe at the unexpected warm, welcoming and relaxing feeling it creates. Most people expect a cold and minimalistic warehouse but this isn’t the case. You really do have to see it to believe it.

When we say industrial, we mean it. Don’t expect plush gardens, large outdoor areas and lots of greenery. If you want a warehouse wedding venue you have to consider its location. We like to completely embrace the industrial look and surroundings, taking you into an oasis where you and your guests completely forget where you are. Rather than trying to ‘cover up’, we used our creativity to transform our yard area into what it is today, with even more fairy lights, crate furniture, lanterns and outdoor heaters. We encourage you to keep an open mind when visiting any unique venue.

One questions we get asked a lot is about photos. The answer? They are certainly going to be unique! Photographers love a change of scenery, and with a venue like us they really get a chance to be more creative, capturing beautiful shots in an industrial environment, using both inside and outside to capture your special moments. You will be surprised at how many amazing photos you can capture in such an unlikely setting.

The Flexibility…

We find more and more couples want complete flexibility with their wedding, with most urban venues offering just this. New Craven Hall and many like us don’t have in house catering, but a list of suggested caterers to choose from, allowing you to not only put your own stamp on the venue, but the whole day’s experience for your guests.

Venues work with specially selected, like-minded suppliers from caterers, photographers and entertainers to florists, venue dressers and photo booths. All in keeping with the style of the venue itself. You will find a list of our suggested suppliers on our website.

Venues we LOVE…

If you don’t feel our venue is right for you, we wont be offended! It may not be down to the way we look, but our size or availability.

Unlike the South, which has an enormous amount of unique industrial venues, Leeds does not, with only a handful of venues fitting the bill. Why not check out some other local venues:

The Arches, The Tetley, Duke Studios, Canal Mills, Northern Monk, Left Bank