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The Wedding Industry and Covid-19

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  • Posted:22nd Jun 2020
  • Last Updated:04th Jul 2022
  • Category:Wedding Planning

We’re probably all in the same boat – the announcement of the UK lockdown feels equally like it could have been 14 weeks ago or 14 days ago! Who knew in early March that the rest of the year would pan out as it has until now?

It’s safe to say that the wedding industry has near enough been turned on its head. Nevertheless, we have experienced a great deal of understanding, togetherness and support; from couples to suppliers, venues to law professionals – there is a real sense that everyone really is working towards a positive outcome, whatever they may look like under new circumstances.

At the moment it remains unclear when weddings will go ahead, but there seems to be a consensus that this may happen from August, albeit under number restrictions and adherence to social distancing measures. While this may not result in the same big day many couples imagined, we must accept that this could well be the norm for some time to come.

One of the most positive things encountered has been the overwhelming understanding shown by couples forced to reschedule, or at the least reimagine, their wedding day. From speaking to other suppliers and venues, as well as from our own experience thus far, it seems like there is a mutual understanding that nobody wins in the current situation, and those affected have been able to act with sensitivity and compassion to make new arrangements for what will be the biggest day of two people’s lives.

There are of course some horror stories being bandied around in the media and online, and often the details of these are either obscured or not accurately reported. There is an underlying concern in the industry that wedding venues and suppliers could come off looking bad as a result of a minority of poorly handled bookings, but fortunately the overwhelming majority of cases appear to have reached the most amicable solution available.

So yes, the face of not just weddings, but all larger scale social events, is likely to look very different for the foreseeable future. But if one thing has been proven throughout this uncertain period, it’s that people can always come together to find a way through.

And once we are through, we are all going to witness some the best parties ever seen!

Header photograph by Joe Stenson Photography